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Given a Uniform Electric Field E=5 x 10^3 i N/C , Find the Flux of this Field Through a Square of 10 cm on a Side Whose Plane is Parallel to the Y-z Plane. What Would Be the Flux Through the Same Square If the Plane Makes a 30° Angle with the X-axis ? - Physics

Given a uniform electric field `vecE=5xx10^3hati`N/C, find the flux of this field through a square of 10 cm on a side whose plane is parallel to the y-z plane. What would be the flux through the same square if the plane makes a 30° angle with the x-axis ?

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When the plane is parallel to the y-z plane:

Electric flux`phi=vecE.vecA`


`vecE=5xx10^3hati "N/C"`



 ϕ =50 Weber

When the plane makes a 30° angle with the x-axis, the area vector makes 60° with the x-axis.


ϕ=EA cosθ



 ϕ =25 Weber

Concept: Electric Flux
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