Given that HCF (306, 657) = 9, find LCM (306, 657). - Mathematics


Given that HCF (306, 657) = 9, find LCM (306, 657).



By the property that LCM X HCF = Product of the two numbers

LCM ×  9 = 306 × 657

LCM = `(306 xx 657)/9`

= 34 × 657

 = 22338

Therefore LCM(306, 657) = 22338

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Chapter 1: Real Numbers - Exercise 1.2 [Page 11]


NCERT Mathematics Class 10
Chapter 1 Real Numbers
Exercise 1.2 | Q 4 | Page 11
RD Sharma Class 10 Maths
Chapter 1 Real Numbers
Exercise 1.4 | Q 3 | Page 39

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