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Given a Crossword Puzzle. Read the Clues Across and Clues Downward, and Fill up the Blank Squares. Check up Your Performance with the Correct Solution Given at the End. - Biology

Answer in Brief

Given a crossword puzzle. Read the clues across and clues downward, and fill up the blank squares. Check up your performance with the correct solution given at the end. 

Clues across

  1. Category of the pathogen that causes diseases, like common cold and mumps.
  2. These may readily grow in your hair if you do not wash it regularly.
  3. This is the vaccine for preventing tuberculosis.
  4. Cover this part of your body by a handkerchief while sneezing to prevent droplet infection to others.
  5. The disease pertussis is popularly known as whooping
  6. One of the most common insects which visit our exposed foods and contaminates them.
  7. A disease that weakens the body’s defense system 

8. Germ or germ – substance introduced into the body to prevent the occurrence of an infectious disease.

9. A disease in which the eyes, the skin, and the urine turn yellow.

10. An organ usually affected by tuberculosis.

11.A disease caused by the bite of an infected dog, and which affects the central nervous system.

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Concept: Concept of Health and Hygiene
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Selina Concise Biology Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 8 Diseases and First Aid
Long Answer Questions | Q 4 | Page 81
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