Given Below is a Sequence of Steps in the Processing of Wool. Which Are the Missing Steps? Add Them - Science


Given below is a sequence of steps in the processing of wool. Which are the missing steps? Add them

Shearing, __________, sorting, ______________________________


Solution 1

Shearing, scouring, sorting, picking of burrsdying of fibresmaking of yarn

Solution 2

Shearing, scouring, sorting, picking out of burrs, colouring, rolling

Concept: Animal Fibres: Wool
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Chapter 3: Fibre to Fabric - Exercises [Page 32]


NCERT Science Class 7
Chapter 3 Fibre to Fabric
Exercises | Q 5 | Page 32


You must be familiar with the given nursery rhymes

Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool.

Answer the following:

Which parts of the black sheep have wool?

Which of the following does not yield wool?

What is meant by term Shearing ?

What is meant by term Sericulture?

______ is a non-biodegradable material

True or False – If False give the correct answer

Wool is the fibre derived from the silk worm.

True or False – If False give the correct answer

Ahimsa silk is otherwise known as Mulberry silk.

What are the two types of fibres that are obtained from animals?

What is shearing?

What are the characteristics of wool? Give any three.

What are the major steps involved in this wool factory.

Write the uses of the wool.

Assertion: Wool is the fibre derived from the fur of animals.

Reason: Animals like goat, Yak, Alpaca and rabbit yields wool.

Wool fibre cannot be obtained from which of the following?

Wool yielding animals bear _________ on their body.

State whether the following statements are True or False. If false, correct them.

In India, camels and goats are generally reared for obtaining wool.

How does the hair of certain animals help in keeping their bodies warm?

Figure 3.1 shows three rings of circles with letters in them. Some of these letters in each ring can form the name of one wool yielding animal. Find the names of these animals.

A wholesale woollen fibre dealer gets the woollen fibre of different textures sorted for various purposes. Match the items in Column I with the woollen fibre in Column II.

Column I Column II
(a) Pashmina shawl (i) Camel wool
(b) Woollen carpet (ii) Angora wool
(c) Baby blanket (iii) Kashmir goat
(d)  Woollen sweater (iv)  Sheep wool

On burning wool, why we get the small of burning of hair?

The scouting process during the processing of wool refers to ______.

The process called ______ involves the removal of dried wool.


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