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Given Below is the Outline of the Human Body Showing the Important Glands - Biology

Given below is the outline of the human body showing the important glands :

(i) Name the glands marked 1 to 4.
(ii) Name the hormone secreted by part 2. Give one important function of this hormone.
(iii) Name the endocrine part of the numbered 3.
(iv) Why is the part labelled I called the master gland? Which part of the forebrain controls the gland labelled I?
(v) Name the gland that secretes the ‘emergency hormone’.

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(i) 1: Pituitary gland, 2: Thyroid gland, 3: Pancreas, 4: Adrenal gland
(ii) Thyroid glands secrete the hormone thyroxine.
     Function: Regulates basal metabolism
(iii) The endocrine part is the islets of Langerhans.
(iv) The pituitary gland is called the master gland because it controls several other hormone-releasing glands.
The hypothalamus of the forebrain controls the pituitary gland.
(v) The adrenal gland secretes the emergency hormone adrenaline.

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