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Given Below is the Diagram of the Human Ear. Study the Same and Answer the Questions that Follow: (I) Give the Biological Term for the Part Labeled ‘A’ and State Its Function. - Biology

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Given below is the diagram of the human ear. Study the same and answer the questions that follow:

(i) Give the biological term for the part labeled ‘A’ and state its function.
(ii) Name the part labeled ‘B’ and state its function.
(iii) Name the part labeled ‘C’ and state its function.
(iv) Give the function of ear wax.

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(i) Ear Ossicles (Malleus, incus, and stapes)—To receive, magnify and transmit the sound vibrations to the membrane of the oval window.
(ii) Eustachian tube—It equalizes the air pressure on either side of the eardrum allowing it to vibrate freely.
(iii) Auditory Nerve—It transmits the impulses from cochlea to the brain.
(iv) Ear wax-has insect repellent properties hence prevent the entry of insects in the auditory canal. It also checks to die entry of dust particles in the ear. Thus, it lubricates and protects the eardrum.

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ICSE Class 10 Biology
Chapter 8 The Nervous System and Sense Organs
Diagram Based Questions | Q 11
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