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Given Below is a Statement of Legal Principle Followed by a Factual Situation. Apply the Principle to the Facts and Select the Most Appropriate Answer. Principle: - Legal Reasoning


Given below is a statement of legal principle followed by a factual situation. Apply the principle to the facts and select the most appropriate answer.

Principle: A contract without consideration is void. When at the desire of one party the other party does something, the consideration is said to flow from the latter to the former.

Facts: A's house was .on fire and a child was trapped inside the house. Everyone was shouting for help. A brave onlooker, hearing the shrieks of a child, went inside the house and brought him out. The father of the child promised to pay the rescuer Rs.10,000. Subsequently, he backtracked his promise. The rescuer sued the promise for the breach.


  • The father of the child must pay for the service  rendered by the rescuer

  • The rescuer is not entitled to the payment since he  acted on his own

  • Commercial considerations cannot be applied to humanitarian instincts

  • None of the above

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The rescuer is not entitled to the payment since he  acted on his own


The rescuer is not entitled to the payment as the rescuer had no idea of the promise when he acted to save the child.

Concept: Contract Law
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