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Given Below Are Some Qualities that a Human Being May Possess. on the Basis of Your Reading of the Passage, Pick Three Qualities that You Think the Ace Indian Golfer Ashok Kumar Possesses - English Core

Answer in Brief

Given below are some qualities that a human being may possess. On the basis of your reading of the passage, pick three qualities that you think the ace Indian golfer Ashok Kumar possesses and using incidents or statements justify your choice in a short paragraph of around 100-150 words.

(a) pride
(b) frankness
(c) jealousy
(d) humility
(e) perseverance
(f) compassion
(g) goal orientation

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The three qualities that Ashok Kumar possesses are : 

1. frankess , 2. humility and 3. perseverance . 

Ashok Kumar possesses about Frankness nd humility to the maximum as even being now a 3rd ranker in golf he tells everything about his life and his humble roots etc .  without reservation . He reveals how he had to pay five rupees to hire a blanket during winter in Connuaght place and slept in the stable .If he had had some pride he couldn't have told about his roots. Then he tells kalyan Ashok , he sports journalist , how he persevered despite being suspended from his job . In fact , It was his perseverance that made him what he is at present . He has had a natural talent for the game . It was Amit Luthra who proved instrumental in his break . Ashok Kumar hasn't forgotten the gratitude that he owes to him . He is also grateful to his sponsor Girish Krishnamurthy who runs Kaseya India, a software company . He faithfully follows the advice of the legendary golfer Tiger Woods . He, thus , is simple - hearted and a man of frank nature. 

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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