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Given Below Are the Seats Won by Different Political Parties in the Polling Outcome of a State Assembly Elections - Mathematics

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Given below are the seats won by different political parties in the polling outcome of a state assembly elections:-

Political Party A B C D E F
Seats Won 75 55 37 29 10 37

(i) Draw a bar graph to represent the polling results.

(ii) Which political party won the maximum number of seats?

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(i) By taking polling results on x-axis and seats won as y-axis and choosing an appropriate scale (1 unit = 10 seats for y-axis), the required graph of the above information can be constructed as follows.

Here, the rectangle bars are of the same length and have equal spacing in between them.

(ii) Political party ‘A’ won maximum number of seats.

Concept: Graphical Representation of Data
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NCERT Class 9 Maths
Chapter 14 Statistics
Exercise 14.3 | Q 3 | Page 259

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