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Given Below Are Diagrams Showing the Different Stages in the Process of Fertilisation of an Egg. in the Human Female Reproductive Tract. ) Arrange the Letters Given Below Each Diagram in a Logical Sequence to Show the Correct Order in the Process of Fertilisation. Where Does Fertilisation Normally Take Place? And What is ‘Implantation’ that Follows Fertilisation? - Biology

Given below are diagrams showing the different stages in the process of fertilisation of an egg. in the human female reproductive tract.

Study the diagrams and answer the questions:

1) Arrange the letters given below each diagram in a logical sequence to show the correct order in the process of fertilisation.

2) Where does fertilisation normally take place? and What is ‘Implantation’ that follows fertilisation?

3) Mention the chromosome number of the egg and zygote in humans.

4) Explain the term ‘Gestation’. How long does Gestation last in humans?

5) Draw a neat, labelled diagram of a mature human sperm.

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1) D-C-B-A

2) Ampullary - Isthmic junction in fallopian tubes 

Implantation is an attachment of the developing foetus (blastocyst) to the endometrium.

3) The egg is haploid (23)

The zygote is diploid (46)

4) The intrauterine period of the foetus in mother’s body or the period from zygote to fully formed foetus in uterus period is gestation period. It is about 280 days (9 months + 7 days approximately)




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