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Given Alongside is a Diagram of Male Reproductive System in Humans. Label the Parts Indicated by Numbers 1 to 5, and State Their Functions. - Biology

Given alongside is a diagram of male reproductive system in humans. Label the parts indicated by numbers 1 to 5, and state their functions.

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  1. Seminal vesicle: The seminal vesicles produce a secretion which serves as a medium for the transportation of the sperms.
  2. Prostate gland: Prostate gland which pours an alkaline secretion into the semen as it passes through the urethra.
  3. Testes: Sperms are produced in the testes.
  4. Urethra: Urethra passes through the penis and carries either urine or semen.
  5. Sperm duct: The sperm pass through the sperm ducts.
Concept: Human Reproductive System - Male Reproductive System
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Selina Concise Biology Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 3 Reproduction in Humans
Short Answer Question | Q 8 | Page 32
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