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Given Alongside Are Two Figures (A and B) Showing a Phenomenon that Was First Observed in Manchester before and After the Year 1850. - Biology

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One Line Answer

Given alongside are two figures (A and B) showing a phenomenon that was first observed in Manchester before and after the year 1850.

The following phenomenon provides a classical explanation of a scientific theory given by a certain scientist.

(i) Name and explain the said theory.

(ii) Give the name of the scientist who gave this theory.

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(i) Natural selection

During the struggle for existence, only those individuals which have advantageous variations survive while the ones which lack these variations are wiped out. Nature selects only those variations which are suitable for existence. This process is called natural selection.

(ii) Charles Darwin

Concept: Lamarck’S Theory
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Selina Concise Biology Class 10 Icse
Chapter 14 Human Evolution
Structured/Application/Skill Type | Q 2.4 | Page 193
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