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Given Alongside Are Two Figures (A and B) Showing a Phenomenon that Was First Observed in Manchester before and After the Year 1850. - Biology

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One Line Answer

Given alongside are two figures (A and B) showing a phenomenon that was first observed in Manchester before and after the year 1850.

Briefly mention why the changes shown in the two figures appeared.

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Reasons for changes in the two figures:

  • Before the Industrial Revolution, a thick growth of white-colouredlichen covered the trees. As a result, the light-coloured moths were camouflaged and survived under this cover, while the dark-coloured moths were easily spotted by predators.
  • After the Industrial Revolution, pollution resulted in a decline in the growth of lichens. The tree bark got exposed due to the absence of lichens. As a result, dark-colouredmoths now got an advantage of a dark background, were camouflaged and survived, while the light-coloured moths were easily picked by predators.
  • This showed that in a mixed population, those moths which could adapt to the changing environment after the Industrial Revolution survived and increased in number,while the ones which could not adapt were slowly wiped out from the population.
Concept: Lamarck’S Theory
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Selina Concise Biology Class 10 Icse
Chapter 14 Human Evolution
Structured/Application/Skill Type | Q 2.3 | Page 193
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