Give Your Suggestions that Will Help the People to Make Maharashtra Prosperous. - English


Give your suggestions that will help the people to make Maharashtra prosperous.



According to me, Maharashtra can be prosperous if the people or citizens are really willing to work towards it. Few initiative or steps that we can ensure is to see that our cities have basic facilities like food, clothing, shelter, education and health services easily available. For this alongwith the government we citizens have to make a realistic plan and execute the services so that every citizen living gets the benefits which id also his rights. Proper infrastructure also adds to this. Citizen can ensure that their locality is clean & there is greenary so that the city looks beautiful and environment is also taken care. Citizens should support the Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan. Proper education given to every child and most importantly create the awareness among
people about their rights and duties both. By following the above points, I am sure we all can contribute towards prosperous Maharashtra.

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