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Give three differences between WORM and VIRUS. - Computer Science 1

Give three differences between WORM and VIRUS.

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(1) Computer viruses attach themselves to files or programs, infecting each computer it comes across as it spreads –often through email attachments.

(2) They replicate themselves, and most come attached to an executable file, which means a person has to actually run the program for the virus to become active and spread.

(3) Some viruses are merely annoying and slow down your computer, while others can wreak havoc on your system.


(1) Worms are similar to viruses because they self-replicate but unlike viruses, they don’t have to attach themselves to a program.

(2) Instead they use computer networks to send malicious software to other computers, spreading from computer to computer.

(3) Extremely dangererous, because they can replicate themselves so successfully and do major damage– even to servers.

Concept: Operating System
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