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Give the symbolic representation of alpha decay, beta decay and gamma emission. - Physics

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Give the symbolic representation of alpha decay, beta decay and gamma emission.



  1. Alpha decay:
    The alpha decay process symbolically in the following way
    \[\ce{^A_Z X -> ^{A-4}_{Z-2}Y + ^4_2He}\]
  2. Beta decay:
    β decay is represented by \[\ce{^A_Z X -> ^{A}_{Z-1}Y + e^+ +\text{v}}\]
  3. Gamma decay:
    The gamma decay is given by \[\ce{^A_ZX∗ -> ^A_ZX + gamma (γ) rays}\]
Concept: Radioactivity
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Chapter 9: Atomic and Nuclear physics - Evaluation [Page 191]


Tamil Nadu Board Samacheer Kalvi Class 12th Physics Volume 1 and 2 Answers Guide
Chapter 9 Atomic and Nuclear physics
Evaluation | Q II. 21. | Page 191


Write two units of radioactivity. How are they interrelated?

It has been found that the Sun’s mass loss is 4.34 × 109 kg per second. How much energy per second would be radiated into space by the Sun?

The half-life period of radioactive element A is the same as the mean life time of another radioactive element B. Initially both have the same number of atoms. Then

What is half-life of nucleus? Give the expression.

What is meant by activity or decay rate? Give its unit.

What are the constituent particles of neutron and proton?

Obtain the law of radioactivity.

Discuss the properties of neutrino and its role in beta decay.

Half-lives of two radioactive elements A and B are 20 minutes and 40 minutes respectively. Initially, the samples have equal number of nuclei. Calculate the ratio of decayed numbers of A and B nuclei after 80 minutes.

On your birthday, you measure the activity of the sample 210Bi which has a half-life of 5.01 days. The initial activity that you measure is 1µCi.

  1. What is the approximate activity of the sample on your next birthday? Calculate
  2. the decay constant
  3. the mean life
  4. initial number of atoms.

Calculate the time required for 60% of a sample of radon to undergo decay. Given T1/2 of radon = 3.8 days.

Characol pieces of tree is found from an archeological site. The carbon-14 content of this characol is only 17.5% that of equivalent sample of carbon from a living tree. What is the age of tree?

If T is the half-life of radioactive material, then the fraction that would remain after a time `"T"/2` is:

Mean life (τ) of a radioactive substance is x times of its half-life (t). Here x is:

For a radioactive material, half-life is 10 minutes. If initially there are 600 number of nuclei, the time taken (in minutes) for the disintegration of 450 nuclei is:

The radio active decay of uranium into thorium is expressed by the 92U238 `->` 90Th234 + x where x is

The half-life period of a radioactive substance is 5 min. The amount decayed in 20 min will be

What percentage of original radioactive substance is left after 5 half-life time.


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