Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary EducationSSLC (English Medium) Class 10th
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Give the review of a book that has interested you a lot. - English

Answer in Brief

Give a review of a book that has interested you a lot.

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I enjoyed reading, Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice”. The way the playwright uses the disguise to make the story interesting. The value of friendship is also a highlight here. How each friend helps the other at the time of need and how Portia disguised as a lawyer to save Antonio who had helped them by borrowing money, from Shylock. Shakespeare employs clever argument through Portia who saves Antonio by telling that he could take a pound of flesh from Antonio’s body without shedding a drop of Christian blood. And then Shylock realizes his mistake. That is a good story, which teaches one not to be greedy.

Concept: Speaking Skills (Class 10th)
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Samacheer Kalvi English Class 10th SSLC Tamil Nadu State Board
Chapter 7.1 The Dying Detective
Speaking | Q F. 2. | Page 197
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