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Give the economic importance of fishery. - Biology

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Answer in Brief

Give the economic importance of fishery.

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Economic importance of fishes:

  1. Fishes are caught, processed, raised, and marketed under fisheries. It provides good job opportunities and self-employment.
  2. Culturing fishes on a large scale in ponds, lakes, and reservoirs boost the productivity and economy of the nation.
  3. Fishes are a source of nutritious food as they are rich in proteins, vitamins (A, D, and K), carbohydrates, fats, and minerals.
  4. They also yield a number of by-products that hold commercial value.
  5. The by-products obtained from fishes include fish oil, fish meal, fertilizers, fish guano, fish glue, and isinglass, which are widely used in paints, soaps, oils, and medicines.
  6. Prawns and lobsters have a market value all over the world.
Concept: Animal Husbandry (Livestock) - Pisciculture (Fish Farming)
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Balbharati Biology 12th Standard HSC for Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 11 Enhancement of Food Production
Exercises | Q 3.6 | Page 270
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