Give the causes of the Second World War. - History

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Answer in Brief

Give the causes of the Second World War.

Write the reasons for the Second World War.

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Solution 1

The Second World War was fought between 1939 to 1945. Following were the causes of the Second World War:

  1. Dissatisfaction with the Treaty of Versailles: 
    The Treaty of Versailles was very harsh on Germany. It was made in a spirit of revenge. Germany was burdened with huge war indemnity. The German economy ruined completely. This fuelled the rise of Nazism in Germany.
  2. Rise of Hitler:
    The Nazis under the leadership of Hitler grabbed the power in Germany Hitler began to escalate Germany's military power so as to avenge the demeaning conditions imposed on Germany by the treaty of Versailles. He focussed on increasing the strength of the military as well as the navy.
  3. Rise of Communism: 
    Meanwhile, Soviet Russia, a communist nation was becoming
    more powerful. It made nations like England, France, America uneasy. Soviet Russia and imperialism Germany viewed each other as arch enemies. England and France ignored the advances of Germany thinking that it will keep a check on the rising power of Soviet Russia.
  4. Hitler's attack on Poland: 
    In 1938, Hitler won the Sudeten province in Czechoslovakia, which was populated in the majority by people of German origin. In 1939, he attacked Poland which was looked upon as a neutral country by all European nations. In spite of this, Hitler attacked Poland. Therefore, England declared war against Germany.
  5. Hitler's violation of Non-aggression pact:
    Denmark, Norway surrendered to Germany. Germany conquered Holland, Belgium, and France. In 1939, Hitler violated the 'Non-aggression Pact' made with Stalin and attacked Soviet Russia so Stalin declared war against German.

Solution 2

The reasons for the Second World War, which lasted from 1939 to 1945, are as follows:

  1. After World War I, the conquering nations imposed abusive conditions on Germany under the auspices of Versailles, sparking discontent between Germany and its allies.
  2. In Germany, Nazi Hitler seized power and rejected the Treaty of Versailles.
  3. He increased his military might and made Germany strong again. Emphasis was placed on strengthening the army, armor and air force.
  4. Soviet Russia was becoming a communist nation during this period. The strengthening of Russia was enough for the capitalist nations. As Russia was Germany's enemy, England and France ignored Germany's aggressive policies.
  5. In 1938, Germany conquered the Sudeten province of Czechoslovakia. In 1939, Hitler invaded Poland, a neutral state recognized by all nations.
  6. The United Nations, formed for the purpose of maintaining peace, has not been able to curb aggressive nationalism and militarism in time. The United Nations ignored the aggressive policies of Germany, Italy and Japan.
  7. After World War I, the arms race began in Europe. As each nation developed advanced weapons of mass destruction, Europe became a storehouse of ammunition. World War II broke out in 1939 due to the proliferation of arms, disregard for the actions of the invading nations, and factionalism.
Concept: Second World War (1939-1945 C.E.)
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Balbharati History 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 8 World Wars and India
Exercise Q.5 | Q 1 | Page 71

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