Maharashtra State BoardHSC Arts 11th
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Give suggestions to protect our national heritage monuments. - English

Short Note

Give suggestions to protect our national heritage monuments.

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The following are some of the measures we can take in order to protect our national heritage monuments:

  1. Trespassing should be prohibited and access to heritage sites must be closely monitored.
  2. Local administrative bodies in charge of their upkeep must be held accountable for their maintenance.
  3. Littering or damaging such sites should invite a hefty fine.
  4. Local residents must be involved in the preservation efforts.
  5. A periodic survey of their structural integrity should be undertaken and restoration should be scheduled as and when required.
Concept: Writing Skill
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Balbharati English Yuvakbharati 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 2.6 The Planners
Brainstorming | Q (A9) (ii) | Page 95
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