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Give Scientific Reason.Sometimes, Higher Plants and Animals Too Perform Anaerobic Respiration. - Science and Technology 2

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Give scientific reason.

Sometimes, higher plants and animals too perform anaerobic respiration.

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When availability of oxygen is limited, higher animals and plants can also show anaerobic respiration. For example, during exercise the availability of oxygen to the muscles is limited, as a result of which they undergo anaerobic respiration and results in the production of lactic acid. Similarly plants may also show anaerobic respiration in case of water logged roots and result in the production of ethyl alcohol, carbon dioxide and energy. Althought the energy obatained through anerobic respiration is less as compared to the energy released during aerobic respiration.

Concept: Energy Production in Living Organism
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Balbharati Science and Technology Part 2 10th Standard SSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 2 Life Processes in living organisms Part -1
Q 4.4 | Page 21
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