Give scientific reasons. Fibers are one of the important nutrients. - Science and Technology 2

Short Note

Give scientific reasons.

Fibers are one of the important nutrients.



  1. Fibers cannot be digested by humans, yet they are essential nutrients.
  2. Fibers are important as they promote movement of materials through the digestive system and thus aid in digestion of foodstuff.
  3. They also help in digestion of undigested substances from the body.
  4. Vegetables, fruits, cereals, etc. are sources of essential nutrients like fibers.

Hence, fibers are one of the important nutrients.

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Chapter 2: Life Processes in Living Organisms Part - 1 - Give scientific reasons


SCERT Maharashtra Question Bank 10th Standard SSC Science and Technology 2 Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 2 Life Processes in Living Organisms Part - 1
Give scientific reasons | Q 3
Balbharati Science and Technology Part 2 10th Standard SSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 2 Life Processes in living organisms Part -1
Exercises | Q 4.2 | Page 21


Given below are the end products of different reactions involving glucose. Write the appropriate end product in front of the following:

(1) Anaerobic reaction =
(2) Reaction in human muscles =
(3) Aerobic respiration
(4) Reaction in plant cells =
(5) Reaction in liver =

Name the life process of an organism that helps in the growth of its population.

 Why is diffusion insufficient to meet the oxygen requirementsof multi-cellular organisms like humans

What criteria do we use to decide whether something is alive?

What are outside raw materials used for by an organism?

Match the organisms given in column I with the processes given in column II:

  Column I   Column II
(i) Leech (a) Holozoic nutrition
(ii) Amoeba (b) Autotrophic nutrition
(iii) Mushroom (c) Parasitic nutrition
(iv) Green plant (d) Saprophytic nutrition

A person lives near a forest. Make a list of four items which he can get from the forest to meet his daily needs.



Name the green dot like structures in some cells observed by a student when a leaf peel was viewed under a microscope. What is this green colour due to?



Skin : Keratin : : Blood : ____________

Rewrite the food-chain given below with correct sequence.
Grasshopper– Snake– Paddyfield– Eagle– Frog

Complete the following flowchart.

Fill in the blank and explain the statement.

Our muscle cells perform ______ type of respiration during exercise.

Write definition


Write the definition.


Write definition.


Distinguish between Glycolysis and TCA cycle.

Give scientific reason.

Oxygen is necessary for complete oxidation of glucose.

Give scientific reason.

Kreb's cycle is also known as citric acid cycle.

Answer in detail.
Explain the glycolysis in detail.

Write the forms to which following food materials are converted after digestion.
2. Potato.
3. Oil.
4. Chapati

Answer in detail.

How all the life processes contribute to the growth and development of the body?

Answer in detail.

Explain the Kreb's cycle with reaction.

Complete the following chart and state which process of energy production it represents:

Find an odd one out.

What are the main energy sources of living organisms?

Explain the Steps of Glycolysis.

Choose the forms in which most plants absorb nitrogen

  1. Proteins
  2. Nitrates and Nitrites
  3. Urea
  4. Atmospheric nitrogen

How do the guard cells regulate opening and closing of stomatal pores?

Why do fishes die when taken out of water?

Explain the following concept in short:

Balanced Diet

Explain the following concept in short:

Role of circulatory system in energy production

Give scientific reason.

Cell division is one of the important properties of cells and organisms.

Give one example of each of the classifications of vitamins.


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