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Give Scientific Reason. Though Tortoise Lives on Land as Well as in Water, It Cannot Be Included in Class- Amphibia. - Science and Technology 2

Short Note

Give scientific reason.
Though tortoise lives on land as well as in water, it cannot be included in class- Amphibia.

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Tortoise belongs to the class reptilia and does not show any characteristic which is similar to the class amphibia except that it can live in both land and water. There are certain characteristics which are common to the amphibians which are not applicable for reptiles. For example: amphibians have moist skin, neck is absent, external ear is in the form of tympanum whereas reptiles have dry and scaly skin, neck is present and external ear is absent. So, we can say that tortoise is a reptile and not an amphibian based on the above characteristics.

Concept: Kingdom Animalia - Chordata: Vertebrata
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