Give scientific reason. The importance of outdoor sports is incomparable. - Science and Technology 2

Short Note

Give scientific reason.

The importance of outdoor sports is incomparable.



The importance of outdoor sports is incomparable since it confers the following benefits:

  1. Causes physical exercise
  2. Improves discipline, interaction and tendency of unity
  3. Drives away loneliness
  4. Makes the person more social
Concept: Stress Management
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Chapter 9: Social Health - Give scientific reasons


Briefly discuss any four activities which can be practiced to overcome stress.

Complete the following concept-diagram using factors harming the social health and based on it, answer the following questions.
i. Tobacco products can be included in which of those factors?
ii. How the tobacco products are harming the social health?

Fill in the blank with appropriate word.
Laughter club is a remedy to drive away -- -- -- --.

Which are various ways to minimize stress?

What type of changes occurs in a home having chronically ill old person? How will you help to maintain good atmosphere?

Give three examples of Hobbies to reduce stress.

What will you do? Why?

Child of your neighbor is addicted to tobacco chewing.

What will you do? Why?
Your brother studying in XII has developed the stress.

Select the two options in the 'B' group related to 'A' group.

‘A' Group 'B' Group
a) Salaam Mumbai Foundation a) Salaam Mumbai Foundation
  m) Freedom from Tobacco
  n) Laughter Club
  o) Help to improve student's lifestyle

___________ helps to improve concentration in the studies.

Hobbies like ___________ pet animals help to create a positive mindset.

Salaam Mumbai Foundation runs programs for _____________ in a slum area.

Stress increases due to more laughing.

Write the answers to the questions by observing the picture.

  1. What is the concept shown in the picture?
  2. Write its benefits.
  3. What do you do when you feel stressed?

Identify the picture and name it.

Laughter club is a remedy to drive away ______.

Write full form of WHO.


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