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Give Reasons: Diamond is Used as an Abrasive. - Chemistry

Give reasons: Diamond is used as an abrasive.

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Solution 1

In diamond, carbon is sp3 hybridised. Each carbon atom is bonded to four other carbon atoms with the help of strong covalent bonds. These covalent bonds are present throughout the surface, giving it a very rigid 3-D structure. It is very difficult to break this extended covalent bonding and for this reason, diamond is the hardest substance known. Thus, it is used as an abrasive and for cutting tools.

Solution 2

Diamond is used as an-abrasive because it is an extremely hard substance.

Concept: Allotropes of Carbon - Diamond
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NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 11 The p-Block Elements
Q 22.4 | Page 324
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