Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 9th Standard
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Give Reason. It Became Necessary to Carry Out the ‘Operation Blue Star’. - History and Political Science

Short Note

Give reason.
 It became necessary to carry out the ‘Operation Blue Star’.

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Operation Blue Star became necessary because:

1. Khalistan supporter Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale had his followers to capture the Golden Temple after President’s Rule was imposed on Punjab in 1983.

2. They turned Golden Temple into a fort and this caused a lot of tension in Punjab.

3. The military was ordered to get the terrorists out of Golden Temple and Major General Kuldeep Singh Drar led the operation.

Concept: Operation Blue Star
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Balbharati Social Science History and Political Science 9th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 1.03 India’s Internal Challenges
Give reasons. | Q 1 | Page 14
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