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Give One Chemical Test to Distinguish Between the Following Pairs of Compounds: (I) Ethanol and 2 Propanols. (Ii) Aniline and Ethylamine. - Chemistry (Theory)

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Answer in Brief

Give one chemical test to distinguish between the following pairs of compounds:

(i) Ethanol and 2 propanols.
(ii) Aniline and ethylamine.

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Ethanol 2-Propanol
When treated with Lucas reagent (anhy. ZnCl2 and cone. HCl), ethanol gives turbidity after heating. When treated with Lucas reagent, 2-propanol gives turbidity within five minutes without heating.


(ii) Aniline and ethylamine can be distinguished using the azo-dye test.

Aniline Ethylamine
Aniline is treated with HN02 (NaNO2 + dil. HCl) at 0-5°C to give’ benzene diazonium chloride, which on further treatment with an alkaline solution of (3-naphthol gives red dye. Ethylamine gives a brisk effervescence due to evolution of N2 gas under similar conditions.
Concept: Acid Derivatives - Laboratory Preparation of Acid Derivatives
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