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Give the Necessary Conditions and Equations of Getting Ethanol !Tom: (A) Alkyl Halide (B) an Ethene - Chemistry

Short Note

Give the necessary conditions and equations of getting ethanol from:
(a) Alkyl halide
(b) An ethene

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Necessary conditions and equations of getting ethanol from the following

(a) Alkyl halide: alkyl halide on hydrolysis with dilute alkali give alcohol

\[\ce{C2H5Br + KOH(aq) -> C2H5OH + KBr}\]

(b) An ethene: Ethene is first treated with concentrated sulphuric acid
at 80°C when ethyl hydrogen sulphate is formed. Ethyl hydrogen
sulphate on hydrolysis with boiling water or steam yield ethanol.

\[\ce{CH2 = CH2 + H2SO4 ->[80°C][30abm] CH3CH2HSO4}\]

\[\ce{CH3CH2HSO4 + HOH ->[boiling] CH3CH2OH + H2SO4}\]

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Frank ICSE Class 10 Chemistry Part 2
Chapter 11.5 Alcohols
Exercise | Q 2 | Page 285
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