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Give the Meaning of ‘Procedure’ and Rule as Types of Plans. - CBSE (Commerce) Class 12 - Business Studies

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Give the meaning of procedure and rule as types of plans.


Procedures: Procedures are the required steps to establish in advance to handle future conditions. In this case, the sequence of steps to be adopted by employees in different situations must be predetermined. This enables each individual to follow the same steps. In other words, the exact manner in which an activity needs to be performed.

For example, Steps to be followed in the admission process:

  • First, set up a file for applicants to record details.
  • Accept the filed norms and place them in a file.
  • Request students for other required certificates to verify marks.
  • These documents also placed in the proper file.

Finally, hand over the file to the admission in-charge.

Rules: Rules refer to the standard or specific statements which inform us about what is to be done. It is quite similar to plans because both of them facilitate the achievement of objectives. Rules state what need not be done and what needs to be done, whereas planning points out what to do and how to do. They can be viewed as the simplest of plans. However, rules are rigid in nature, i.e. do not allow flexibility or discretion and are to be followed as is, unless a change is stated by the organisation. Non-compliance with rules leads to disciplinary actions by the organisation. For example, an organisation may have rules regarding the punch-in timings of the employees and every employee of the organisation must follow this rule. Rules act as a guide for general behaviour of the employees in the organisation

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Solution Give the Meaning of ‘Procedure’ and Rule as Types of Plans. Concept: Concept of Planning.
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