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Give the Magnitude and Direction of the Net Force Acting on a Stone of Mass 0.1 Kg, Just After It is Dropped from the Window of a Train Running at a Constant Velocity of 36 Km/H - Physics

Give the magnitude and direction of the net force acting on a stone of mass 0.1 kg, just after it is dropped from the window of a train running at a constant velocity of 36 km/h,

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Solution 1

1 N; vertically downward

The train is moving with a constant velocity. Hence, its acceleration is zero in the direction of its motion, i.e., in the horizontal direction. Hence, no force is acting on the stone in the horizontal direction.

The net force acting on the stone is because of acceleration due to gravity and it always acts vertically downward. The magnitude of this force is 1 N.

Solution 2

When the train is running at a constant velocity, its acceleration is zero. No force acts on the stone due to this motion. Therefore, the force on the stone is the same (1.0 N.)

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NCERT Class 11 Physics Textbook
Chapter 5 Laws of Motion
Q 3.2 | Page 109
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