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Give the Location of the Centre of Mass of a (I) Sphere, (Ii) Cylinder, (Iii) Ring, and (Iv) Cube, Each of Uniform Mass Density. Does the Centre of Mass of a Body Necessarily Lie Inside the Body? - Physics

Give the location of the centre of mass of a (i) sphere, (ii) cylinder, (iii) ring, and (iv) cube, each of uniform mass density. Does the centre of mass of a body necessarily lie inside the body?

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Solution 1

Geometric centre; No

The centre of mass (C.M.) is a point where the mass of a body is supposed to be concentrated. For the given geometric shapes having a uniform mass density, the C.M. lies at their respective geometric centres.

The centre of mass of a body need not necessarily lie within it. For example, the C.M. of bodies such as a ring, a hollow sphere, etc., lies outside the body.

Solution 2

In all the four cases, as the mass density is uniform, centre of mass is located at their respective geometrical centres. No, it is not necessary that the centre of mass of a body should lie on the body. For example, in case of a circular ring, centre of mass is at the centre of the ring, where there is no mass.

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NCERT Class 11 Physics Textbook
Chapter 7 System of Particles and Rotational Motion
Q 1 | Page 178
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