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Give the Hazardous Effects of Agrochemicals - HSC Science (General) 12th Board Exam - Biology

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Give the hazardous effects of agrochemicals


Use of certain agrochemicals have been associated with some major environmental and ecological damages. Such as:
a. The pesticides and weedicides are toxic, not only to target organisms but also to many other non-target organisms, which are important components of the soil ecosystem.
b. Continuous use of inorganic fertilizers changes the chemical nature of soil and reduces its fertility.
c. In addition, the run off of agrochemical fertilizers into streams, lakes and ponds can cause an increased productivity of those aquatic ecosystems causing eutrophication and algal blooms in the water bodies.
d. The pesticide residues can remain in the soil for long and can enter the food chain and undergo biomagnification.
e. Pesticides also enter the aquatic food chain. They get accumulated in the fatty tissues of fishes as well as in birds which feed on them. This process is called as bioaccumulation.
f. People handling pesticides in industries also suffer from various disorders like respiratory diseases, nervous disorders, skin diseases, blindness, etc.

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 2015-2016 (July) (with solutions)
Question 2.3.4 | 2.00 marks

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Solution Give the Hazardous Effects of Agrochemicals Concept: Agrochemicals and Their Effects.
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