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Give geographical reasons: Regional development is dependent on physical setting. - Geography

Answer in Brief

Give geographical reasons:

Regional development is dependent on physical setting.

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The physical factors like relief, climate and location of the region affect the regional development. Regional development occurs where agriculture, agro-based industries and trade is developed in areas where there is plain relief and sufficient rainfall. For example, Asian countries have developed agriculture and trade of agricultural goods. Plain relief and sufficient rainfall encourage development of transportation and industries. There is poor development of economic activities in areas with unfavourable relief like mountains or hills and extreme climate. For example, in the northern part of Russia, economic development is poor due to extreme cold climate. Location of the country is an important factor. If there is a long and broken coastline, then there is development of trade and economy. For example, Japan has economically developed in spite of limited natural resources, due to the development of trade. On the other hand, landlocked countries remain isolated. They cannot develop trade due to absence of coastline. Such countries have poor economic development. For example. Afghanistan, Nepal. Thus, there is relationship between regional development and physical factors and therefore, we can say the regional development depends on physical factors.

Concept: Regional Development
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Balbharati Geography 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 7 Region and Regional Development
Exercise | Q 4.1 | Page 74
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