Maharashtra State BoardHSC Arts 12th Board Exam
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Give geographical reasons: Geography is dualistic in nature. - Geography

Answer in Brief

Give geographical reasons:

Geography is dualistic in nature.

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There are two contrasting approaches to study the subject of geography. They are possibilism and environmental determinism. This contrast in approaches is called as dualism in geography. Some geographers are of the view that nature is more dominant than man. It is called environmental determinism. According to them, when we study geography, we study the earth. We study how natural resources have influence on economic activities, as well as food habits of people. For example, in coastal areas fishing activity is more developed and fish is the main food the people. Some geographers are of opinion that man dominates the nature. It is called possibilism. According to them man can make changes in nature due to his intelligence. the people. For example, there are polyhouses even in polar areas, in which temperature is controlled artificially and vegetables are grown. There are many other thinkers who have different approaches in geography. Thus, the study of geography is dualistic in nature.

Concept: Nature of Geography as a Discipline
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Balbharati Geography 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 8 Geography : Nature and Scope
Exercise | Q 2.3 | Page 81
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