Give Geographical Reason. Tropical Cyclones Occur Rarely in Brazil. - Geography

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Answer in Brief

Give geographical reason.

Tropical cyclones occur rarely in Brazil.

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  1. Due to the vast latitudinal extent of Brazil, it experiences a wide range of difference in the climate. For e.g. near the equator, it is hot while near Tropic of Capricorn there is a temperate type of climate.
  2. In the coastal regions near the Equator as the sun’s rays are perpendicular, there is not much difference in the temperature of the country throughout the year. Moreover, the winds move in the vertical direction in this region.
  3. Also the convergence zone of the trade winds near the coastal areas is extremely weak. As a result, cyclones are not formed.
    Therefore, tropical cyclones occurrarely in Brazil.
Concept: Climate of Brazil
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