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Give geographical reason: Population distribution is uneven. - Geography

Short Note

Give a geographical reason:

Population distribution is uneven.

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- Distribution of the population in the world is very uneven because the distribution of population depends upon many physical factors such as relief, climate, availability of water supply, soil, etc.
- For example, if you consider the relief factors, mountains and hilly areas are thinly populated. Plateau regions are moderately populated and plains are densely populated. The Himalayan region in India is thinly populated but the Gangetic plains are thickly populated and the Deccan plateau region is moderately populated.
- The distribution of population also depends upon human factors such as agriculture, mining, transportation, urbanization, etc.
- For example, agriculture or mining activities support a large population since they provide a source of living to many people.
- Sometimes government policies also affect population distribution. For example, government-provided land, water, electricity at concessional rate in New Mumbai area to attract people and to reduce the pressure of the population in Mumbai city.

Concept: Patterns of Population Distribution in the World
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Balbharati Geography 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 1 Population : Part - 1
Exercise Q.3 | Q 2 | Page 11
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