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Give Geographical Reason. the Barren Island is Becoming Conical in Shape. - Geography and Economics

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Answer in Brief
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Give geographical reason.

The Barren Island is becoming conical in shape.

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The Barren Island is home to India’s only volcanic mountain, the Barren Mountain which had been dormant for a long time. It was a central type or conical volcano where the magma had been ejected through a single central vent. It has started showing activity since February 2017, and mainly dust, smoke and mud is coming out of the vent along with some lava. This has made it more conical in shape.

Concept: Endogenetic Processes (Internal Movements)
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Chapter 2: Endogenetic Movements - Exercise [Page 20]


Balbharati Social Science Geography 9th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 2 Endogenetic Movements
Exercise | Q 2.4 | Page 20

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