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Give the Floral Adaptations of Entomophily - Flower – a Fascinating Organ of Angiosperms

Give the floral adaptations of entomophily

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Floral adaptations for entomophily:

  1.  Flowers are large and attractive. When small, they are clustered into an inflorescence
    (e.g. sunflower).
  2.  Flowers have attractive bright colors, with pleasant fragrance and nectar gland.
  3. In some plants, additional modifications are made to attract insects. e.g. Corona in
    passion flower and petalloid bracts in Bougainvillea.
  4.  Pollen grains possess spiny or rough outer wall.
  5.  Stigma has rough and sticky surface.
  6.  To favour insect pollination, some plants develop special mechanism e.g. lever mechanism in Salvia. e.g. Jasmine, Rose, Salvia, Bougainvillea.
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