Give Features of Windows 98 Operating System. - Computer Science 1

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Answer in Brief

Give features of Windows 98 Operating System.

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Microsoft announced with this new system software Version 4.10 the revised version of Windows 95. The operating system Windows 98 contains as innovation mainly detail improvements and bug fixes. The hardware component is enhanced with USB support improved and the operation of several monitors is possible now. Windows 98 is prepared for DVD movies, for the view of DVD Movies a separate software must be installed.
The update to the newest Windows Release is supported if Windows 3. x or Windows 95 is already installed.

As a file system for the installation of Windows 98 FAT32 is recommended. If the access to other file systems is needed are tools of third party manufacturers required which usually offer a free software with read access. Such tools are available for NTFS and the Linux file system ext2. For the professional file system NTFS exists a driver of Sysinternals which is integrated after the installation in the operating system. For the successful installation system files are needed by Windows NT.

Windows 98 can be updated to DirectX 9.0 and the Internet Explorer 6.

- extended support for the connection to networks
- integrated Internet Explorer 4.0
- web optimized, networking through VPN
- Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

Area of application
- home user
- PC Games
- Office use
- network client

Structure informations
- 32-bit operating system, with 16 Bit Code
- up to 512 mbyte RAM adressable
- File size up to 4 gbyte

System environment
- Minimum Hardware Requierements: 16 mbyte RAM, 300 mbyte harddisk storage
- Active Desktop for the Web integration in Windows
- New driver model WDM (Win32 Driver Model), developed for the same driver base for Windows NT and 98 in 1996
- Task planer, time controlled start from programs
- Mayntenance assistant, harddisk maintains
- game interface DirectX 5.0
- multi monitoring Support (up to 4)
- File system FAT16, better use FAT32, access to NTFS and Linux ext2 file system with 3rd party tools
- preemptive multitasking for 32-bit applications
- cooperative multitasking for 16-bit programs
- ACPI Power save mode partly supported (except of Suspend to Disk)
- x86 CPUs and compatible

- integrated ICM (Image Color Management)
- Plug and play, support for modern hardware like USB, Firewire IEEE 1394
- high compatibility to DOS, Windows 3.x and limited NT
- very high number of software and device drivers

Concept: Operating System
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