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Give an example of a metal which is a liquid at room temperature.



Metal that exists in liquid state at room temperature → Mercury

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Chapter 3: Metals and Non-metals - Intext Questions [Page 40]


NCERT Science Class 10
Chapter 3 Metals and Non-metals
Intext Questions | Q 1.1 | Page 40


Classify the following elements into metals, non–metals and metalloids: C, Mg, Si, S, Hg, As.

Write any three differences between metals and non-metals with respect to their physical properties.

Which of the following can be beaten into thin sheets?

Which of the following statements is correct?

Fill in the blanks:

Metals are ________ conductors of heat and _________.

Fill in the blanks:

Iron is ________ reactive than copper.

Mark ‘T’ if the statement is true and ‘F’ if it is false.

Coal can be drawn into wires. ( )

Some properties are listed in the following Table. Distinguish between metals and non-metals on the basis of these properties

Properties Metals Non-metals
1. Appearance Lustrous Dull
2. Hardness Hard Soft
3. Malleability Can be beaten into thin sheets Cannot be beaten into thin sheets
4. Ductility Can be drawn into wires Cannot be drawn into wires
5. Heat Conduction Good conductors of heat Poor conductors of heat
6. Conduction of Electricity Good conductors of electricity Poor conductors of electricity

Give reasons for the following.

Aluminium foils are used to wrap food items.

Give reasons for the following.

Immersion rods for heating liquids are made up of metallic substances.

One day Reeta went to a jeweller’s shop with her mother. Her mother gave an old gold jewellery to the goldsmith to polish. Next day when they brought the jewellery back, they found that there was a slight loss in its weight. Can you suggest a reason for the loss in weight?

Why are metals used for making cooking vessels?

Write a balanced chemical equation for the action of heat on aluminium hydroxide.

For the electro-refining of copper: Write the reaction that takes place at the anode

Name one metal and one non-metal which exist in liquid state at room temperature.

Name the metal which is the poorest conductor of heat.

Give the name and formulae of two acidic oxides.

Which property of copper and aluminium makes them suitable for making cooking utensils and boilers?

Name the non-metal which is used to preserve food materials.

State one use of Sulphur.

Define non-metals. Give five examples of non-metals.

Name a non-metal which conducts electricity.

Which of the following alloys contains a non-metal as one of the constituents?
(a) brass
(b) amalgam
(c) steel
(d) bronze

 Name a metal that is most malleable  

 Name a metal that is brittle  

Name a non-metal that is hardest naturally occurring substance  

Name a non-metal that is liquid at room temperature   

Give reasons 

Impure diamond is used to cut glass  

Fill in the blank 

Tungsten metal is a poor conductor of _______

Statements given below are incorrect. Write the correct statements : 

Chlorine gas is used in the manufacture of sulphuric acid.  

Statements given below are incorrect. Write the correct statements : 

Soda water is prepared by dissolving washing soda in water.  

Match the statements in Column A, with those in Column B .

   Column A   Column B 
1 A metal used for making high quality mirrors . a Chlorine 
2 A metal which neither malleable nor ductile.  b Graphite 
3 A non-metal,used in the sterilsation of water.  c Iodine 
4 A non-metal, whose deficiency can lead to disease like goitre.  d Silver 
5  A non -metal which can be used as dry lubricant.  Zinc

Tick (√) the most appropriate answer. 

Sodium amalgam is prepared by dissolving sodium in :

State any five physical properties of a metal.
Physical properties of a metal : 

Name one metal which is a liquid at room temperature  

What is an alloy? 

Why are alloys made?  

What is an amalgam? How does an amalgam different from an alloy?  

Define metal and non-metal on the basis of electron loss or gain.


a metal which is a bad conductor of heat and electricity

`Mg +H_2SO_4 → —+ — `

Select from the following ist:

`Fe_2O_3, , NO, PbO, Mn_2O_7`

Basic oxide………..


Two metals which are liquid at room temperature


a non metal which can form a positive ion

Explain how the activity series accounts for  the following:

occurrence of metals

Explain the term Minerals.

Explain the term  Gangue .

In which of the following industries, microbial enzymes are not used?
a) Glass industry.
b) Cheese industry
c) Tanning industry.
d) Paper industry.

Complete the table.

 Property of metal  Use in everyday life
 i. Ductility  
 ii. Malleability  
 iii. Conduction of heat  
 iv. Conduction of electricity  
 v. Sonority  

Identify the odd term.

Identify the odd term

Ductility, brittleness, sonority, malleability

Identify the odd term.

Identify the odd term.

Brass, bronze, iron, steel

Write scientific reason.

The stainless steel vessels in Kitchen have copper coating on the bottom.

Write scientific reason.

Copper and brass vessels are cleaned with lemon.

Write scientific reason.

Sodium metal is kept in kerosene.

What are the metals that make the alloys brass and bronze?

Three experiments to study the process of rusting are given below. Observe the three test tubes and answer the following questions.

A. Why the nail in the test tube 2 is not rusted?
B. Why is the nail in the test tube  1 is rusted highly?
C. Would the nail in the test tube 3 get rusted?

Name the following:

With reference to the physical propertie of metals and non-metals, state the following exception.

A metal which is liquid at room temperature.

Which metal occurs as: A carbonate also give the name of their respective ore.

Fill in the Blank and Rewrite the Statements:

Elements showing properties of both metals and nonmetals are known as _________.

Classify the given elements into metals, non - metals, and metalloids. :
Carbon, Boron, Sodium, Oxygen.

Ankita bought some Glucose Powder. She felt is was adulterated with starch powder. How would she test it?

Gold and silver are used to make jewellery. Give reason

Geeta dipped a copper coin in a solution of silver nitrate. After some time she saw the silver shine on the coin. Why? Give the balanced chemical equation for the same and name the type of reaction.

If the electronic configuration of metal A is (2, 8, 1) and that of metal B is (2, 8, 2) then:
a. Which metal is less reactive?
b. Write the names of the two metals.
c. Write the balanced chemical equation of the reaction of anyone metal with hydrochloric acid.

Name the following: 
An Alloy of copper and Zinc.

Describe a simple experiment to prove that a copper wire conducts electricity, but a piece of coal does not.

Complete the statement given below, by filling in the blank with the correct word:

The ability of a metal to produce a reasonant sound ______.

Complete the statement given below, by filling in the blank with the correct word:

A non-metal that leaves a mark on paper _______

Select the appropriate option for the following statement:

The element placed in the extreme left of the Modern Periodic Table.

State whether the statement given below is true or false. If false write the correct statement.

Lead pencils contain lead.

The sound of one metal colliding with another makes a noise, this property is called as _______.

_______ is good conductor of heat but bad conductor of electricity.

Brass : Aluminium and zinc : : Bronze : ______

Find the odd one out and give its explanation.

Find the odd one out and give its explanation.

Match the columns.

Group A Group B
1. Making sheets of metals a) Sonority
2. Making metal utensils b) Malleability
3. Making Copper wires c) Good conductor of heat
4. Making bells from metal d) Ductility

Write the name.

Nonmetal which is a good conductors of electricity.

Write the name.

The reagent which dissolves noble metals.

Identify who I am!

Carbon allotropes- _______

Identify who I am!

Amphoteric oxide forming metal- _______

Give two examples of alloy.

Distinguish between:

Metals - Nonmetals (physical characteristics)

Oxygen, hydrogen, and sulphur are examples for 

______ is the only non-metal which conducts electricity.

A form of non-metal which has high ductility is

The non-metal which conducts electric current is

Which non-metal is essential for our life and all living beings?

Tabulate the differences between metals and non-metals.

Name six common non-metals and write their symbols.

Non-metals form covalent chlorides because ____________.

Non-metals are non-malleable.

Non-metals are usually good conductors of heat and electricity.

Match the following:

1. Non-metals a. Silicon
2. Metals b. fire extinguisher
3. Metalloids c. dull and soft
4. Oxygen d. hard and shiny
5. Water e. supports fire

Paheli bought a statue made up of copper. To her surprise, it acquired a dull green coating after a couple of months. Explain the reason.

Non – metals are ______.

The metal is stored in kerosene ______.

The non – metal which is liquid at room temperature is ______.

Compounds obtained from non–living sources are called ______.

Reason out

Sulphur is used in the vulcanization of rubber.

Reason out

Mercury is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature.


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