Give elaborate answer to the following. Which tasks are important in archives management? - History and Political Science

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Answer in Brief

Give elaborate answer to the following. 
Which tasks are important in archives management? 

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Solution 1

The important aspects in Archive management are preserving documents in original condition.

Preparing indexes and creating accurate systems of retrieval of documents.

Documents of archives are most reliable as they are official records.

The first official archive of India the “Imperial Record Department”, was established in 1891 C.E.

Solution 2

  • Introduction: The place where old documents, official records, old films, etc. are preserved and stored are called archives. Following tasks are important in archives management:
  1. As documents from archives are reliable these need to be preserved with important content in their original condition. For e.g., the archives in Pune under Maharashtra State Government have about 5 crores of Modi documents related to Maratha history. These documents are referred to as ‘Peshwa Daftar’.
  2. Indexes should be prepared. For E.g. Documents from 1748 have been preserved here in chronological order. These documents include records in English, Arabic, Hindi, Persian, Sanskrit, and Urdu languages. There are records in Modi script as well.
  3. Accurate systems of retrieval documents should be created. For e.g. these records can be classified into four categories as Public Records, Oriental Studies, Manuscripts, and Private Records.
  4. These documents are made available to researchers as and whenever necessary and all the above-mentioned tasks are done by computers.
  • Conclusion: Hence, the preservation of documents, preparation of indexes, and creating accurate systems are important tasks in the management of archives.
Concept: Libraries and Archives
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