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Give Elaborate Answer to the Following. Describe Any Three Types of Tourism. - History and Political Science

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Answer in Brief

Give elaborate answer to the following. 
Describe any three types of tourism. 

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1. There are many types of tourisms like

a) Local and interstate

b) International

c) Geographic

d) Health

e) Agricultural

f) Historical.

2. Important among them are Geographic Tourism, Health Tourism, and Historical Tourism.

3. Geographical Tourism:

It is to observe the special geographic features of a place or a region.

The special features include various natural and animal sanctuaries, beaches, etc.

People visiting this kind of places wish to experience natural beauty.

4. Health Tourism:

Tourism broadly means travelling from one place to another place for various reasons.

Now a day’s many foreign people are availing health facilities in India. This is due to the availability of quality healthcare at an affordable cost. This process also encourages people to travelling from the West to India.

5. Historical Tourism:

People who love to visit historically important places across the world to satisfy their interest in History fall in this category.

This is one of the most popular tourism in the World.

Many people travel to historical sites or forts, places connected to famous personalities and movements in history.

Concept: Tourism
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