Give the Effects of Air Pollutants on Human Health - Biology

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Give the effects of air pollutants on human health

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  Pollutants Effects on human being
1 Carbon monoxide a)It reduces oxygen carrying capacity of haemoglobin which leads to hypoxia.
b)It causes headache, muscular weakness, nausea, exhaustion.
c)Excess formation of carboxyhaemoglobin leads to death due to COpoisoning.
2 Hydrogen sulphide a)Headache, nausea, collapse, conjunctivitis, irritation of mucus membrane, colic diarrhoea, bronchial pneumonia, coma and even death.
b) Loss of appetite
3 Tobacco smoke a)Lung cancer, pulmonary and heart diseases.
b)Thickening of bronchial epithelial layer.
c) Loss of ciliated cells.
d) Appearance of cells with bizarre nuclei (cancerous cells)
4 Sulphur dioxide Increases chances of occurrence of asthma, bronchitis, emphysema,
5 N2O Long exposure causes acute respiratory diseases.
Concept: Prevention of Air Pollution
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2014-2015 (October)


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