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Give the Composition,Propoerties and Uses of Duralumin. - Applied Chemistry 2

Short Note

Give the composition,propoerties and uses of Duralumin.

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➢ Element Composition of Duralumina
• Al = 95%
• Cu = 4%
• Mn = 0.5%
• Mg = 0.5%
➢ Properties of Duralumina
• It is light weighted
• Highly ductile
• Easily castable
• Good conductor of heat and electricity
• Its tensile strength can be increased by heat treatment
• It approaches steel in strength and yet its density is one
third that of steel.
➢ Uses
• It is also used in making surgical instruments,cables,fluorescent tube caps etc.
• It is also used in making automobile and locomotive parts because of its high ductility and good electrical conductivity.

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