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Give the Applications of Dna Fingerprinting Technique. - Biology

Give the applications of DNA fingerprinting technique.

Mention DNA fingerprinting application.

List any two applications of DNA fingerprinting technique.

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Solution 1

Applications of DNA fingerprinting:-

  • In parental disputes, the DNA fingerprinting technique is used to determine the true parents of the child.
  • In forensic science, DNA fingerprinting is used to determine the culprit of the crime by matching the DNA fingerprint of the suspect with the biological evidence (hair, blood, skin cells etc.) found at the crime scene.
  • It is a sure shot tool to solve paternity or maternity suits because the VNTR pattern of an individual is inherited from both the parents involved

Solution 2

Applications of DNA fingerprinting:-

(1) It is used in forensic science to identify potential crime suspects.

(2) It is used to establish paternity and family relationships.

(3) It is used to identify and protect the commercial varieties of crops and livestock.

(4) It is used to find out the evolutionary history of an organism and trace out the linkages between groups of various organisms.

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