Give Any Two Ways in Which Non-biodegradable Substances Would Affect the Environment. - Science

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Give any two ways in which non-biodegradable substances would affect the environment.

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Solution 1

Non-biodegradable substances affect the environment by:

  •  They contaminate soil and water resources as they cannot be decomposed by micro-organisms.
  • These substances, when accidentally eaten by stray animals, can harm them and can even cause their death.

Solution 2

  • Chemicals like BHC and DDT induce carcinoma (muscle cancer) and growth of tumours.
  •  Handling of waste materials may cause skin, respiratory and intestinal infections.
  •  Non-biodegradable substances do not decompose easily so it produces land and water pollution.
Concept: Waste and Its Categories
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Chapter 15: Our Environment - Intext Questions [Page 262]


NCERT Class 10 Science
Chapter 15 Our Environment
Intext Questions | Q 3 | Page 262

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