Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary EducationSSLC (English Medium) Class 8th
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Give an account of the Fourth Anglo Mysore war. - Social Science

Answer in Brief

Give an account of the Fourth Anglo Mysore war.

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  • The Fourth Anglo – Mysore War
    Tipu Sultan did not forget the humiliating treaty of Srirangapatnam imposed upon him by Cornwallis in 1790.
  1. Tipu sought an alliance with foreign powers against the English and sent ambassadors to Arabia, Turkey, Afghanistan, and the French.
  2. Tipu was in correspondence with Napoleon who invaded Egypt at that time.
  3. The French officers came to Srirangapatnam where they founded a Jacobin Club and planted the Tree of Liberty.
  • Course:
  1. Wellesley declared war against Tipu in 1799. The war was short and decisive. As planned, the Bombay army under General Stuart invaded Mysore from the west.
  2. The Madras army, which was led by the Governor – General’s brother, Arthur Wellesley, forced Tipu to retreat to his capital Srirangapatnam.
  3. On 4th May 1799, Srirangapatnam was captured. Tipu fought bravely and was killed finally. Thus ended the fourth Mysore War and the whole of Mysore lay prostrate before the British.
  • Mysore after the War:
  1. The English occupied Kanara, Wynad. Coimbatore. Darapuram and Srirangapattinam.
  2. Krishna Raja Odayar of the former Hindu royal family was brought to the throne.
  3. Tipu’s family was sent to the fort of Vellore.
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Samacheer Kalvi Social Science Class 8th Tamil Nadu State Board
Chapter 1.2 From Trade to Territory
Evaluation | Q VII. 2 | Page 24
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