Give an account of poultry diseases. - Biology

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Give an account of poultry diseases.



Following are the different types of poultry diseases:

  1. Viral diseases like Ranikhet, Bronchitis, Avian influenza (bird flu), etc.
  2. Bacterial diseases mainly include Pullorum, Cholera, Typhoid, TB, CRD (chronic respiratory disease), Enteritis, etc.
  3. Fungal diseases are Aspergillosis, Favus, and Thrush.
  4. Parasitic diseases include lice infection, roundworm, caecal worm infections, etc.
  5. Protozoan diseases e.g. Coccidiosis is a protozoan disease.
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Chapter 11: Enhancement of Food Production - Exercises [Page 271]


Balbharati Biology 12th Standard HSC for Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 11 Enhancement of Food Production
Exercises | Q 4.4 | Page 271


Discuss the implications of the following statement:-

“It is interesting to note that poultry is India’s most efficient converter of low fibre food stuff (which is unfit for human consumption) into highly nutritious animal protein food.”

What management practices are common in dairy and poultry farming?

What are the differences between broilers and layers and in their management?

How are high yielding breeds of poultry advantageous over indigenous breeds?

Write a short note on 'Prevention of poultry diseases'?

Poultry farming is rearing and breeding of ______.

Poultry farm is famous in ________ district in Tamil Nadu.

Droppings of poultry birds are used as ________.

What is farming?

Write a note on poultry farm.

What are the common diseases that are found in Poultry?

Which of the following is the best layer?

The commercial hatcheries provide ____________ day old chicks for poultry practices.

______ are affected by internal parasites like roundworm and tapeworm.

Chicken occupies 90% of the total poultry.

Whitelegon is the most egg yielding breed in the world.

Name the poultry farms found in Tamilnadu.

Write a note on poultry disease.

Poultry farming is undertaken to raise the following

  1. Egg production
  2. Feather production
  3. Chicken meat
  4. Milk production

Poultry fowl are susceptible to the following pathogens

Causal organism of any disease is called as ______.

Differentiate between the following

Beekeeping and Poultry farming

Suggest some preventive measures for the diseases of poultry birds

Fowl pox is caused by ______.

How are chickens classified?

List a few requirements for poultry farming.

Which of the following is not typically included in Poultry farming?

Which one of the following poultry birds is not an English Breed?

One of the following diseases of poultry is:

In the forthcoming generation of the world which of the following will be the biggest source of food?

The chances of contacting bird flu from a properly cooked (above 100°C) chicken and egg are ______.

Millions of chicken were killed in West Bengal, Assam, Orissa and Maharashtra recently. What was the reason?

What are the duties of a veterinary doctor in management of a poultry farm?

Explain in short poultry management.


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