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Give advantages of oral vaccines or edible vaccines. - Biology

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One Line Answer

Give advantages of oral vaccines or edible vaccines.

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The benefit of oral vaccines or edible vaccines is

  1. The comfort of administration as the use of needle-free vaccine administration eliminates the risk of transmitting blood-borne pathogens and can be performed by health workers without any medical training.
  2. Low cost, the Manufacturing cost is low as there is no need for special premises to manufacture them. The edible vaccine can be easily produced at a mass level in comparison to an animal system.
  3. Ease of storage. Vaccines produced by biotechnological methods are stable at room temperature, unlike a traditional vaccine, which needs cold chain storage, which multiplies the yearly cost to preserve vaccines.
Concept: Commercial Applications of Biotechnology
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Balbharati Biology 12th Standard HSC for Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 12 Biotechnology
Exercises | Q 4.6 | Page 292
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