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Solution for State Any ‘Two’ Symptoms of Down’S Syndrome. - HSC Science (General) 12th Board Exam - Biology

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State any two symptoms of Down’s syndrome.


Symptoms of Down syndrome are as follows :

1) Most children showed typical facial features with a fold of skin (epicanthal skin fold) over the inner corner of the eye. This results in downward slanting of eyelids

2) The face is typically flat and rounded flat nose, mouth open and tongue protruding

3) Mental retardation

4) Due to poor skeletal development, they have short stature and relatively small skull, the palate is arched.

5) Flat hand with characteristic crease which runs all the way across the palm (simian crease).

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Solution for question: State Any ‘Two’ Symptoms of Down’S Syndrome. concept: Genetic Disorders - Chromosomal Disorders. For the course HSC Science (General)
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